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Tag: wedding

Posted by on Aug 19th 2016

Weddings? Stressful? You betcha. But maybe by using this awesome checklist style guide for first time wedding organizers it will be a little easier. Happy wedding planning!

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Posted by on Jun 5th 2015

Follow these tips to create the perfect outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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Posted by on Apr 10th 2015

Use this destination wedding checklist to ensure you’ve got everything taken care of for your special day.

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Posted by on Sep 3rd 2014

If you haven’t already written your wedding vows, now is the time to start. While this is a stress that many people fret about for weeks or even months, planning your wedding vows can be simplified and less worrisome for you.

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Posted by on Aug 14th 2014

Months and months of planning and saving go into planning your special day. While there ar some aspects that should be attended to by professionals, such as the venue, tables, chairs, desserts, meals, and others, there are some features of the wedding that can be accomplished with DIY techniques. One of the most popular of…

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Posted by on Aug 5th 2014

All around the world weddings are a time of festivities and celebration, bringing people together to celebrate two people coming together as a couple. While the basic principle is essentially the same no matter where you go, the celebrations and the traditions are vastly different. Take a look at some of the common traditions from…

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Posted by on Jul 8th 2014

Whether you are the Best Man, Maid of Honor, father, mother, sister, brother, or anyone else important to the couple getting married, you might be asked to deliver a wedding toast. This can be an exciting, and often frightening thought for many. Rather than just winging it the day of, follow these three tips for…

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Posted by on May 28th 2014

The season for weddings is well upon us. If you are planning a wedding during this time period, it may begin to seem stressful. Putting together a wedding takes an immense amount of time, planning, and potentially money. Cut some of the costs by renting, and if you are feeling motivated, DIY projects. Making these…

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Posted by on May 14th 2014

Planning a wedding is a big stress couples have to face together. Leading up to their marriage, there are many choices that need to be made in terms of the ceremony, reception, pictures, and more. Whether you have the help of others, or are tackling the project alone, look into all the logistics of preparing…

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Posted by on Apr 25th 2013

To help you plan the perfect outdoor wedding for you and your spouse-to-be, we compiled a list of 5 trendy venues for your open-air nuptial. Molly Sims & Scott Stuber: Vineyard Wedding American model Molly Sims and Ted producer Scott Suber tied the knot at the Frank Cafaretta Vineyard in Calistoga, CA. Surrounded by green…

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