Why Should You Rent Instead of Buying for Your Wedding?

28 May 2014

The season for weddings is well upon us. If you are planning a wedding during this time period, it may begin to seem stressful. Putting together a wedding takes an immense amount of time, planning, and potentially money. Cut some of the costs by renting, and if you are feeling motivated, DIY projects. Making these changes will make it easier to fit your dream wedding into the practical budget you need.


The Case Against Buying

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There are a number of different parts of the wedding that can be rented instead of purchased. While some things may hold some sentimental value, there is a good chance that the things you have purchased will never be used again. Think through the advantages and disadvantages of each item determining whether it will be something you will use again, or something that holds deep sentimental value. You may realize that most of the things you might have thought so important to purchase will in reality spend every day after the wedding tucked away in a garage or closet.


While there are some things that can’t be rented, and other things that you may seriously want to keep, the majority of materials for your wedding can be rented. Look into these options that are available to rent instead of buy.

Wedding Rental Options

While there are some things that can obviously not be rented such as the food, wedding cake, and flowers, there are plenty of other things that can be rented. Pick the items of these that will be best to rent:

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  • The Dress – Wedding dresses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Every guest in attendance is just waiting to see the brides in her dress, make sure you have your perfect gown. Renting a wedding dress will just be a fraction of a price. For those who are thinking of a wedding dress as something to pass on to your daughter, consider how quickly styles come and go. Your perfect dress may not fit in with your daughter’s taste, or the current trends.
  • Jewelry – Depending on your style, the jewelry for your wedding can run into the thousands. Look into renting this jewelry instead of purchasing. For sentimental reasons purchase one piece to keep and cherish, remembering your special day.
  • The tents – There are a few different locations your wedding ceremony may be held, choose the best place for you to rent. For some, a backyard wedding is just what you’ve always dreamed of. Renting the perfect tent will help your guests to enjoy the event, giving some shade and privacy from the surroundings.
  • The music – Renting a DJ, or even just the DJ equipment will give you far better sound quality than using your own stereo. Make sure the sound will be able to fill your dance floor with the music you want.

There are many items for your wedding that you should consider renting instead of purchasing. By doing this, you will be able to do more within your budget, avoiding the clutter of unused items after the wedding is over. Start planning immediately to ensure the items you are looking to rent will be available when it’s time for your big day.

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