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Posted by on May 2nd 2014

Best Wedding Traditions

Around the world wedding traditions that have been around for generations are still practiced. Not everybody knows exactly where all these traditions originate from, but they are still practiced at many weddings. Take a look at some of those most popular traditions that you have probably heard of, and the significance they hold.


Something Old

Hokatomo wedding party #103
Some brides plan out their something old even before they get engaged. This is something old that carries with it a piece of your family history or is given to you as a memory of something from the past. In many situations, a bride will take something from her mother, grandmother, or even further back and incorporate it into their wedding day. This could be a piece of jewelry, or even a pin of some sort to stick with the bouquet. This special wedding tradition keeps the memories of the past, and brings them forward to the new life with the future spouse.


Something New

Messenger / O'Shaughnessy Wedding
In almost every wedding, something new will be purchased and worn from the gown to the shoes. This tradition goes deeper than that, in most cases being something new given as a gift. One unique and memorable take on this old tradition is when the groom and the bride both give each other something new on their wedding day. This can be presented to them by the maid of honor and best man. A simple bracelet, a special pocket square, or something else. These new items will become cherished over the years, turning into something old to be remembered.


The Bouquet

The bouquet is thought through before and coordinated with your wedding colors. In addition to being present in all the pictures and the beginning parts of the ceremony and the reception, the bouquet will have significant meaning as the reception comes to a close. It is tradition for the bride to toss the bouquet at the end of the reception, with all the single women present ready to catch it as it is thrown. This symbolizes passing on the good fortune to the next person, and the potential of their future marriage. The flowers themselves can also symbolize many different things, such as lily of the valley symbolizing trust. Choose the flowers that carry the meaning and the look you are seeking.


The Rings

Wedding Rings Hands
The rings are one of the most popular and well known traditions when it comes to weddings. The exchanging of rings during the ceremony is present in almost every wedding. The bride and groom each place the wedding band on the other’s left hand. These rings symbolize commitment, and a giving of a part of yourself to your new spouse. Even those who aren’t planning on wearing the ring for comfort reasons will exchange and wear it on their wedding day.
There are a number of different wedding traditions, many more than these. Most of these traditions have deep cultural roots, and give a moment for the wedding couple to reflect back on where they are coming from, and where the commitments they are making will take them in the future.

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