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Author: oozle

Posted by on Nov 30th 2020

Going into 2021, we don’t know if we’ll treat events the same way we did in 2020. We do know that social distancing will still be a thing for a while longer, and so here are some safe event seating plans for your business event or wedding reception.

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Posted by on May 22nd 2020

Are you ready for events again? Birthday parties, wedding receptions, and business events will happen again. Learn how you can plan for such events while still respecting your guests’ desire to practice social distancing.

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Posted by on Apr 6th 2020

Right now, many weddings are being delayed. Some couples are even skipping the celebration and just doing a simple civil marriage. If your wedding is later on this year, you may still be hoping for a nice summer, fall, or even winter wedding. Follow our guide to learn how you can plan for your big day while you’re social distancing.

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Posted by on Nov 21st 2018

Take your wedding reception plans from traditional and typical to elegant and unique. Whether it is a formal reception or an open house, these nine elements will help make your event the best wedding reception your friends and family will attend this year.

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Posted by on Jul 24th 2018

Simple answer? It depends on the scope of your event. Long answer? Generally more formal events will require some minor equipment rental, while more intimate, smaller events won’t. Either way, you will determine what you need based on the theme of your event. Read on to find all the types of house parties that might…

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Posted by on May 4th 2018

If you’re like us and live in Utah, you’re probably anticipating a long and hot summer. And what’s a hot summer without a delicious backyard BBQ cookout? It’s not just an American tradition, it’s pretty much a necessity in order to break up the endless heat wave Utah typically gets. If you’re looking to spice…

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Posted by on Apr 25th 2018

We recently wrote a blog about corporate party ideas that we know will impress your employees and friends. But we’ll be honest, there were just too many ideas to fit into that one blog. We’re all about corporate parties that are out of the ordinary, which is why we provided you with plenty of ideas that…

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Posted by on Feb 14th 2018

Is it time for your company’s annual event? You want to show your employees you care about them and their hard work, but you’re likely bored of all the same old corporate party ideas. We are always trying to come up with new ideas for corporate events, so we thought: why not a charity event?…

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Posted by on Jan 11th 2018

There aren’t a lot of ways you can make your employees happier than by throwing them a party. It helps build unity within your company, whether big or small, and people really look forward to it! Corporate parties are great if you do them well, and we are here to help you do just that….

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Posted by on Nov 17th 2017

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Excited for the holiday season and ready to throw the best Christmas party anyone has ever gone to? Peruse through our ultimate Christmas party checklist!

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