Tips for Attending the Sundance Film Festival

19 Dec 2013

The Sundance Film Festival is coming sooner than you think. With a wide variety of parties and events, it can be difficult to get everything straight. It doesn’t matter if you are going to try and meet celebrities, looking for the best party, or are interested in some of the films being presented, there are a few tips everyone should remember. Through remembering these things, you will have the most enjoyable time possible, and make memories that will outlast the festival.

Get ready to walk


Park City has a long history full of interesting points and memories. Main Street may seem large at any other time, but not during the festival. With everything so concentrated in one area, things can get crowded. Rather than trying to navigate through traffic and pedestrians, or attempting to take a cab, be prepared to walk to your destinations. Within reason this will actually take you less time. Most of the parties and other events take place within walking distance of the others.

The parties


The parties of Sundance are some of the most memorable parties of all. There is generally at least one party every night, varying in style and how open it is to attend. There may be lines necessary to wait in, some cases out in the cold. Do your research beforehand and find the parties you want to attend. Some people prefer to just relax on their own at Sundance, enjoying the atmosphere while others attend a party every day of the two weeks. Before you go, plan out the strategy that works best for your situation.



Even though most celebrity and film makers show up for the first weekend of Sundance and stay a week, the event actually lasts for two weeks. For those who are looking to see celebrities, go during the first couple of days, for others, there are pleasant events going on through the whole two weeks. Take advantage of the activities that suit your style best.

This coming year All Out Tent & Event will be providing services to the Sundance Film Festival. Come to Park City to experience one of the greatest events of the year. There are multiple parties and events to participate in depending on your style. Choose those that work best for you. Plan ahead to ensure you will have fun attending the best events.

By +Cassie Costner

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