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Posted by on Sep 20th 2013

Party Themes Through The Decades: 1920s

The Roaring Twenties was a time of culture, music, and parties. For your upcoming party, consider turning it into a twenties theme, bringing some of the best of the decade back to life. Your guests will enjoy this completely unique experience.




While planning your party, remember the food is what most guests will remember above all else. While this is extremely important, stick to delicious and simple foods. Don’t go overboard in this department, causing you to lack in other aspects.


During this time the prohibition had just been set into place. With the elimination of alcoholic beverages, soda became more important during meals. Provide old style soda to your party. Some of the most popular snack foods of the time included:


  • Bread sticks
  • Jello-salads
  • Deviled eggs
  • Pineapple upside-down cake


Choose the foods that will fit in best with your party, but that you feel you can manage. Don’t go overboard trying to include every imaginable specialty from the time period, choose the parts that work best for your party.




This is one party where dressing up isn’t an option, it’s mandatory. Encourage your guests to wear the clothes of the time period, and do their hair in the same styles. For women, dresses resting just above the knee were popular with unique patterns. A stylish hat and a bob haircut were also common at the time.


For men, Jay Gatsby had it down. Most of the time suit jackets were worn, many times accompanied by a vest, tie, and pocket square. Belts were not nearly as common until late in the 1920s, instead pants were held up by suspenders. Drop the baseball cap and pick up the flat cap for your twenties party.


Decorationsparty tent

The decorations you choose will really set the party off in a 1920s theme. Spread the feeling throughout your home, venue, or tent to get the true spirit of the decade. Before the party consider getting:


  • A phonograph, whether it is a real antique, a nice picture, or one made of other material
  • Cutouts or backgrounds that have popular images from the 1920s, including historical landmarks
  • A 1920s car cutout
  • Feather boas


Make your party unique with the decorations you choose. You can turn any party into a grand event. Plan ahead and find decorations early for your party of the decade.


While preparing for a twenties themed party, have fun. Visit All Out Tent & Event Rental for any of your rental needs. We can help you with anything from finding the perfect event tent, to supplying the chairs for your grand party.


By Cassie Costner


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