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Posted by on Oct 14th 2014

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a holiday that unifies kids and adults in transforming themselves into something else for a single night. Halloween costumes can be as easy or complex, cheap or expensive as you desire. For the person that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume, Halloween is the perfect DIY holiday. Even with the lowest budget, you can create a unique, exciting costume. Halloween costumes are great because they can be as simple or complex as you like, and the accessories can range from basic items around the house to clothes from costume stores. The only real limitation to a great Halloween costume is your own creativity. In general, if you can envision it you can create it, and likely don’t need to buy anything pre-made in the process. Here are a few great DIY costume ideas to consider this Halloween.

The Pirate


This is certainly one of the easiest costume ideas–particularly great for the last minute. Since the character of a pirate can conceivably look like anything, you really can’t go wrong with the costume details. If you want to go the traditional, archetypal route, a bandanna, jewelry, and possibly an eye patch are good accessories. There is a lot of variation in the pirate costume, and if you don’t include at least a few of the most common accessories of a story book pirate, you might not be recognized. In any case, this is by far one of the most common and popular Halloween costumes and is an easy costume to wear.

The Hippie


You could potentially be confused with some variation of a pirate if you opt for the hippie costume. Of course, the image of a hippie has been evolving, so you may not even really be in costume in some circles. The stereotypical, mid-1960’s-early 70’s hippie look is what you might want to go for in this costume, so look for era accessories. Glasses with round, colored lenses, scarves or bandannas, hemp clothing, boot cut jeans, and sequenced bright and earth-tone colors can all help make the costume. Jewelry and a peace sign here or there can add to the look. This is a simple DIY costume and can be thrown together with average clothes you may have lying around. If you need accessories, a thrift store likely has most of what you need to complete the look.

The Sorcerer/ess

girl in a witch hat holding a jack-o-lantern

This is another variable costume that doesn’t require much in way of preparation of materials. Black clothing, some amulets, and a little bit of makeup is all you really need to throw together this DIY costume. If you want to go a more traditional route, you could pick up a tall wizard or witch hat. This costume can be tailored to men or women and requires a minimum in materials to pull off. Any costume store can supply make-up and some appropriate clothing and accessories to make this costume unique.

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