Birthday Parties for All Budgets

21 Mar 2014

Every year there are new trends that are popular with planning parties. Although it may seem difficult at times to keep up, there are things that can be done on any budget. The most important part is planning out your costs, and making sure to stick to the plan. No matter what you have to spend, you can make any kid’s birthday party an event to remember.

The small budget


There’s nothing wrong with cutting back on the expenses of your party. Even with this, there are plenty of great activities that can make the event fun on a smaller budget. First off assess the things that you can have done yourself. This can be for the decorations, the food, and a number of other things. Instead of buying the material you need, consider renting items to cut down the cost.

When planning a party on a small budget, looking for little places to cut costs will help spread out the funds. Although there is some value to the products that display popular characters, they are often much more expensive than the generic options. Defer away from these popular options and instead opt for those that are still just as fun at a fraction of the cost.

The mid budget


For those who have a little extra to spend but still want to keep things under control, there are additional things that can be added to the birthday party. Choose to include these factors as you see fit whether it is a birthday party for a young child, teenager, or even an adult. Each one of these factors has the potential to add something unique, getting your money’s worth for the event:

  • The bouncy house – this will create an event to remember among kids of all ages. Rent out a bouncy house for the party, but be sure there is some sort of supervision and order at all times.
  • Rent a tent – no matter what age, renting a tent or canopy of some type will add something special to your event. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes. This may be just the thing needed to make an outdoor event even more memorable.
  • Dance floors – for teenagers and adults, renting a dance floor can make your party memorable. Whether you choose to hire a DJ, or just play music from some speakers of your own, you can have fun dancing the night away.

Spend the time beforehand to assess the amount you are willing to spend and determine how that money should be distributed.

The outrageous budget


For those who have money to blow, there are plenty of party ideas that can be carried out. Celebrities easily drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on their kid’s birthday parties, but they aren’t the only ones willing to spend the big bucks.

Take one couple for example who spent $32,000 on a six year old birthday party. With money not being a concern, the parents turned their daughter into a real princess with spa treatments, dresses, an extravagant cake, 2,000 flowers, and 300 costumes. The 6 year old arrived to her party in style, pulling up in a horse drawn carriage. Although these parties may be the extreme, there are other ideas that can push your party to the top.

No matter the budget you are looking to spend on your birthday party, you can make it a night to remember. With the proper planning in place, anybody can create the party you’ve always dreamed of, adding the best features.

By +Cassie Costner

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