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Posted by on Nov 27th 2012

Choosing the Right DJ



As we move past our parents generation of having bands at celebrations and move into having DJs play music we often wonder, how do I choose the right one?  When it comes down to it a DJ with the right music can make for a memorable night.  While a DJ with the wrong music can ruin everything.

For many occasions we often choose our DJ by word of mouth or through our event planners as we cannot always afford for DJ Pauly D to keep our party going all night long.  So how do we know who to choose for our guests?

There are many “professional” companies out there that claim to have 20+ years’ experience in DJing but those are the managers of the company usually.  Not the actual DJ at your event.  Beware of the $375.00 and below “package deals” that many of these companies peddle.  If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

The ability to DJ and mix music live is a real skill that has to be learned.  Do not be fooled by a “DJ” who pops in a mix CD and acts as if he is spinning all night long.  This is just a waste of time and money as anyone can stand up there with headphones on and put on a little acting show.

Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations.  How do you find a doctor or a reliable mechanic?  Recommendations are the best way to find your perfect DJ for an event.  If someone who has similar taste in music enjoyed their DJ then you will probably have a good time with them too.  Try to meet your DJ in person beforehand though and listen to some of their music to make sure everything you heard matches up.

It can be a stressful process to decide on a DJ as they are the life of your party.  But taking the time to choose the right one can pay huge dividends in the end.

By Brian Connor

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