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Posted by on Aug 31st 2012

Top 7 Party Planning Tips


Planning a party is not all fun and games like it is pent up to be.  In order to allow your guests to have the best time they possibly can there is a lot of planning that goes into making a party.  It is not an easy job but it is one of the more fun ones you can have in your lifetime.

There are many ways to go about planning your party but here are 10 of our favorite ones.

1) Choose a theme: Having a theme for your party to be based around does not only make it fun to plan the party with all the little nuances but it also makes it fun for your guests.  It gets people talking about your party and more excited for it too when there is a theme.

2) Carry your theme throughout the party: All the little nuances that make a theme come to life are some of the best parts of putting the party together.  For example, at a Christmas party tie cloth bows to the handles of your cabinets to liven the mood.

3) Lighting: Lighting is key to set the mood for the party.  For a Halloween party think about possibly installing orange lights or green lights for Saint Patrick’s Day.

4) Let your food become part of your party/table décor: This will bring life to your party as your guests are able to interact with the theme.  A well set table is always a plus as well.  There are so many options and new ideas you can have when deciding what to put on your table as well as how to set it.

5) Label your food: Sometimes we can be a little over creative when incorporating food into our parties.  As not to leave your guests asking or guessing what they are eating, use signage for your food.  It makes everyone’s life easier.

6) Get your guests involved: Having your guests become involved in your parties is a great icebreaker for everyone, especially if you know some people will be encountering each other for the first time.  A cooking party is a great example of getting everyone involved.

7) Set up the night before: Making last minute adjustments are always necessary but do not be scrambling around the day of the party.  It is much harder to have a good time at your own party when you are stressed out about having everything be perfect.  Everything should be as perfect as it can be the night before and then if you forgot anything it is just a quick run to the store.

Party Creatively

Next time you decide to plan an event keep these planning tips in mind.  The possibilities are endless for every party you throw.  Look at every party as a chance to be creative and use your imagination because we are definitely not getting any younger.

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