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Posted by on Mar 6th 2014

The Latest & Greatest Party Trends of 2014

Each year brings new color, style, and party trends.   In order to keep your home décor, party planning and personal style up-to-date be sure to follow the latest trends we’ve discovered for 2014.

D.I.Y, Well… Sort of.

party favor

Do-it-yourself is not a new trend, however, it has evolved from completely do-it-yourself to semi-do-it-yourself.  What is this you ask? This trend involves creating the do-it-yourself look without actually doing too much work without the help of printers, cutting tools and other crafting supplies.

Vintage & Prints

vintage print

If you haven’t noticed that prints (i.e. floral and patterned designs) are back and that vintage is now a thing, it is time to take note.  You can also expect a replacement of flower arrangements with other fauna, such as leaves, pine cones and grasses. Whether you find the old meets new to be your style or not, you’ll definitely be seeing more and more of it.

Gold & Glam


Gold accents are also a thing now. Whether you choose to do something as simple as gold party favors or insert it into your party planning in other ways, gold and copper are definitely colors to be on the lookout for, especially when you want to be on the forefront of a fashionable, fun party.

Fashionable Foods

grilled cheese

Decorations aren’t the only things that are being updated this season. You can expect an “upscale twist” on foods that normally wouldn’t be found at parties. These updated tastes are sure to include international flavors as we expand our horizons. Some of these newly updated foods you’ll find are:

  • Mac & Cheese
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Tuna Salad
  • Pot Roast and Potatoes
  • Pizza
  • Stews and Soups

Along with more upscale menus, filled with comfort food favorites, you can expect to see local, fresh foods as well. People are going literally to their roots to find ingredients and foods that are healthier and easier to find.

Bright & Brilliant


Are you tired of the pastel pinks and the soft greens? No need to worry. This year the colors are going to be bright and bold.  You can expect to see bright pinks and blues, such as orchid and cerulean.  Accenting with these bright colors will be easy by using fresh flowers, furniture, lighting pieces and candies.

Interactive Features

Whether you choose to go with a s’more and ice cream bar or a create-your-own dinner bar using local vendors, you can expect guests to love the idea of creating their own menu and you catering to their own specialized tastes.  If you are creating the menu items yourself, you may consider a flavor tasting area so that guests can sample your creations before diving in themselves.


By Heidi Rothert



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