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Posted by on Nov 12th 2014

Thanksgiving Event Planning Tips

Thanksgiving is only a week away and planning your holiday event needs to begin soon. Holiday event planning for Thanksgiving can involve putting together a lot of different elements that you wish to compliment your home and the season. The perfect end of fall holiday is a great time to transform your home into a reflection of the season–especially if you are hosting an event like a large dinner.

The holiday event season begins with the Thanksgiving holiday and extends through the New Year. Capturing the essence of the season and creating an aesthetic that strongly reflects your event is the objective of any worthy Thanksgiving party. The focus of the Thanksgiving holiday is, of course, reflecting on the things in life we are thankful to have, and the meal is the ultimate climax of the day, but integrating a well executed design plan in your holiday plans can help make the day even better and less chaotic for you.

  • Do your shopping early. The first part of the event planning is to get your shopping done well before anything else. Since Thanksgiving is a meal oriented holiday, planning your menu and doing your grocery shopping in advance will ease the stress and frenzy of planning, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event.
  • Estimate the number of guests and plan around this. You will need to estimate the number of people attending your party and coordinate that with the rest of your planning–the menu, in particular. Depending on the formality of your party, you can request invitees rsvp as this will aid the rest of your planning. Knowing an exact number of guests will help you accommodate seating and other details.
  • Plan ambiance and decor. The next phase of your planning after food and quantity of guests should be the ambiance and decor of the event. If you’re hosting at your home, prepare your kitchen and living room area for foot traffic and congregation. If you are decorating, plan what you are going to do and give yourself enough time to get everything up before the event. Depending on the complexity of the decor, this can comfortably be done the day before.
  • Leave time to cook. If you are cooking for a party by yourself, or even with a partner, make sure to dedicate plenty of time to getting everything prepared. Turkeys take all day to cook, so start early. A great strategy for large dinner parties is to request that guests bring appetizers, side dishes, drinks, and/or desserts to the event. This will take some burden off you, the host, and allow you to focus on the main course and other preparation details.

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