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Posted by on Aug 17th 2012

Planning the Perfect Party


Planning a party for birthdays, holidays or any other event can be overwhelming. Here are some simple steps to help get your party planning organized.

Getting Started

Make sure you give yourself enough time to figure out the who, what, where, and when of your party. Generally the amount of time needed depends on how big your party is going to be.

While some people work well under pressure, it’s best to allow yourself two weeks minimum to plan things out. Planning ahead also helps your guests work through their schedules for any prior commitments they may have.


Creating a guest list is very important and should be one the first steps in planning a party. How many people you invite will establish several other factors in planning, like how much food there needs to be and the size of the venue among other things.

When building your guest list add as many people as you can think of. Once you finish compiling your list, go through and decide who are the most important to invite and who aren’t. Then you can continue to refine your list until you have a list of guests that you want to invite and that fits well into your budget.


Deciding on a theme early helps simplify the rest of the planning process. . A theme can also help with what kinds of invitations, activities, decorations and food to have.

Are you planning a children’s birthday party? An engagement party? A job promotion celebratory party? A holiday party? Figure out what kind of theme you want your party to have as it will affect your planning later.


Think about where to have your party. Will it be in a rented venue? In a home? Outside?

If you’re unable to host the party in your home, check out parks near your home or venues that can be rented out. If your plan is to host a party outdoors plan to have a backup location just in case of bad weather.

The theme of your party may also establish where you want the location to be. Take into account how many people you invited. Is the space big enough? Are there enough bathrooms? Etc.


The biggest factor in deciding on a date and time is determined by your guests’ availability. Weekday parties can be more difficult to attend than a weekend party, as most people have very busy schedules and may struggle to attend a party held the next day.

Friday nights are usually a good time for parties because people still have the weekend to look forward to before going back to work.

Hopefully these tips make party planning seem less daunting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Party planning can require the work of more than one person and most people know at least one person who is always willing to help. For everything else check out our services page.


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