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Posted by on Jul 14th 2014

Planning a Summer Block Party


Planning a Summer

The summer is just starting to heat up, start making your plans for the big summer block party. While the idea of planning a part of this magnitude may seem overwhelming for some, there are a number of ways in which to make it easier. Follow these planning tips for the best results, ensuring your summer block party will be a success your entire neighborhood will enjoy.


Include Others in the Preparation



Planning a party of this magnitude is quite the task to take on, don’t do it alone. Recruit your friends and neighbors to help delegate portions to, ensuring the success of your party. Getting together with a good group of people and dividing up the responsibilities will be beneficial, and the best way for you to keep your sanity during the process.


Everything from the activities to the food responsibilities should be properly divided to ensure the costs and the efforts are not all taken on by one person. Make sure that you recruit the help of your neighbors well in advance so they have the means to plan their time as well as financially before your big block party. The easiest way to successfully feed everyone at your block party is to organize a potluck. Make sure the main dish, dessert, drinks, and sides are all covered in this planning.


Know Your Local Laws



Each area might have a different set of laws that must be adhered to when it comes to a block party. Find out if you will need to invest in a permit, or if there are regulations with the location and the time your event is allowed to take place. By taking the right steps, you may find that you will be able to block off an entire street for the event when obtaining the right permits.


Take Enough Time to Plan



At the day of the actual event, it is most likely that not everything will go as you have planned. Be aware of this and make yourself flexible on the day of your block party. Even so, you should spend an adequate amount of time preparing and organizing the event. This will help things to run smoother than they otherwise would. Some of the most important things to plan will be music, games, activities, decorations, and safety concerns. Be sure to address all these things with those planning the event with you and create the best environment for everyone involved.


Be Considerate to Uninterested Neighbors



It is a possibility that some of your neighbors won’t want anything to do with the block party. These people shouldn’t feel pressured or forced to join in the festivities. Make sure to still keep them informed as to when the block party will be taking place so they know when to plan for more noise and people on your street. If possible don’t plan anything directly outside of their home, being courteous of their desire to not be included.
Planning a block party may initially seem overwhelming, but there are ways to make it more manageable. Don’t try to take on the entire task alone, instead enlisting the help of your neighbors and those who will be included. Make sure to delegate the responsibilities to ensure your event will be a success without too much pressure on one person.

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