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20 Oct 2015

Step 1: Graveyard, Morgue, or Haunted Mansion

The most important part of throwing a party is where you’re going to have it. The location controls what date the party is on, what time it starts and ends, type of party, theme, ambiance/decoration, distance attendees, and capacity. Here are some ideas of easy and spooky locations you could throw your party:

outside party

If the weather is right outside is the perfect location for a spooky Halloween party. The forest and the woods are great for bonfires, mingling, and fun decorations/pranks. Be prepared in case of rain with shelter to keep guests happy. Want a fancier party? Set-up a clear tent so your guests can see the woods all around them. For easy shelter options look to rent a tent!

Local Venue!
civic center party

This is a great place to throw a party if you want it to be somewhat simple. The times are fixed so the party cannot run long. Depending on which venue you book they provide certain deals/packages. If you plan on throwing a party at a venue be sure to book it early and plan decorations or hire a party planner to do it for you!

At Home!
house party with white lounge furniture

Have a swanky house or a friend with one? This is the most ideal place to host a Halloween party. There is no restrictions on decorations, times, themes, or set-up/clean-up. Depending on the house size you can throw the party inside or outside. Lacking the amenities for a party? Rent them with us!

Step 2: The 3 W’s… Who, What, When

Create a list of everyone you want to invite. See how many people you plan on inviting and how many you think will come. This helps you plan more accordingly.
What type of party do you plan on throwing? Will it be strictly adults, children, or a mixture of both? Is a costume required? Do we need to bring anything or will there be food and drink? Will there be games or entertainment?
The when is a very big part of making sure your party is a success. What time will it start? What time will it end? Will there be a hard stop?

**Note: Halloween itself isn’t the best day to throw a party because of children wanting to trick or treat and also handing out candy. Often the best day to throw your big soiree is the Saturday before Halloween. This gives you all of Friday to prepare for it and Sunday to clean up/recover from it.

Step 3: To Theme or Not To Theme

Whether or not you choose a specific theme for your party is totally up to you but they do make decorating more fun! If you are worried that your guests won’t want to come dressed in a specific theme give them the option to wear something different so they don’t feel obligated. Another way around this is to create a theme that is broad enough for a lot of costumes to be inside of it.
Halloween party ideas

Step 4: Goodies and Games

A great location and theme will draw guests to your party but the best way to get them to enjoy is with great food and entertainment. Typically guests care most about food and drink, I mean isn’t that one of the most important parts about a party? If you do have a theme plan your goodies to match with spooky names and decorations! After planning all of your food and drink think of some fun games that guests could play while at the party. This is the tricky part because you don’t want your guests to feel childish playing games but they can be a great time if executed properly. Depending on the type of party and size, here are some great food, drink, and game ideas!
Halloween food party ideas
Halloween party ideas
Halloween party ideas

It’s not too late to start planning your Halloween party! No matter how big or detailed you want it to be, there is still time. Get your guest list together, pick your theme, and find great foods to put together. For any questions on venues or party rentals feel free to contact us at (801) 683-0011!

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