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Posted by on Jul 3rd 2013

Patriotic Party Themes

July is a time for patriotic celebrations. Everything from the Fourth of July, to the Twenty-Fourth brings with it parties flavored with red white and blue decorations. For your celebrations, find the best patriotic party decorations available to you.

The food

In most parties, the food is the most important component. Whether the meal or the tent 1desserts are good or not can ruin the entire event. Because of this, they must also be incorporated into the décor.

Almost nothing is more American than hot dogs, except maybe baseball. Instead of just normal boring straight off the grill dogs, put a little creativity into the design. Insert red white and blue flags or sails into the hot dog. This will enhance the patriotic theme, and be a cute decoration.

Hot dogs and hamburgers are traditional food for Fourth of July barbecues. To bring the decorations even further, you have red ketchup, white mayonnaise; all you are missing is the blue. For this, just take a bit of blue food coloring and mix it with a portion of the mayonnaise. Your party guests will love the detail.

Create your own patriotic fruit bowl with strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. To really impress your guests, use a star shaped cookie cutter to turn your watermelon into a patriotic homage.

The decorations

tent 2Even though the food is the most critical, the other surrounding decorations can be a great benefit to any patriotic party. Everything from balloons to party favors can add to the spirit of the celebration.

Flags can be key in these parties, but they aren’t the only elements that can contribute. Flowers placed on every table in red white and blue, or streamers in the same color work for both indoor and outdoor parties.

If you are looking for the best patriotic event tents and decorations, call the best in party planning. Through the food you serve and the decorations you use, you will create the best Fourth of July party ever.

By Cassie Costner

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