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Posted by on Dec 19th 2012

How To Plan an Amazing Company Party

Planning a company party or event can be a lot of fun. Though, working with a budget and planning for diverse interests and a lot of people can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you through planning a company party or event.

Figure Out the Budget

This is probably the most critical step since it will dictate how much you can do. Most companies will have a set budget on how much you can spend and exceeding that budget will most certainly get you in trouble.


Establish the Venue

Think about what venue would be the most fun for your company. Do you have a large company to plan for with broad interests? Or is it a small company with fairly similar interests. If you’ve got a smaller business maybe think about doing a small event, like going to a play or opening of a movie you all like.

Planning for large companies can be trickier. You’ve got to find a venue that will be big enough to house your whole company, and you’ve also got to think about entertainment. Will there be music? Dancing? A comedian or some other type of entertainment? You’ve got to think of something fun for people to enjoy otherwise there’s not a whole lot of reason for people in a large company who may not know a lot of people to come.

Head Count


Since it’s a company party, you can get a fair estimate on how many people are coming. It’s generally twice the number of current employees (current number of employees + 1 guest for each employee). Be sure to still get a RSVP from each person in the company to get a solid headcount. This will help you plan out how much food you should order.




When it comes to food, take a general poll. See what types of food people like and go with the majority. But just because you’re asking people for their personal opinion on what foods they’d like to eat at the party, doesn’t mean that each person gets a special order. But do take note of employees with dietary restrictions. There’s nothing worse than exposing someone with a severe shellfish allergy to a table full of shrimp.




Once you establish what type of food you’ll order for your company event, the next step is to find a caterer. Call around town and check which catering company has pricing rates within your budget. Feeding a lot of people can quickly add up. But also beware that feeding smaller groups can also be expensive. It may originally start as $70 per person for a party of 150 people, so you’ll think of cutting down the guest list, and then suddenly it becomes $120 per person for a party of 50.

Also check to see delivery options, when can the caterer come, what will the manner of serving be, what will the clean up process be like, will they deliver and set up in your area of tow? These are all things to consider when looking for a caterer.


Set Up


Before the day of the party, think about how the set up process. Will you be doing it? Will the event center you’ve booked out set up for you? Will someone else be doing it? Same with take down and cleanup. Most of the time you’ll want someone else to take down. If your party goes well into the night, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to stay even later to clean up.

Finally, send reminders to throughout the company as the party gets closer. Yes, you may have talked to individuals about it here and there but some coworkers might forget so a friendly little remind won’t hurt. Besides, who would want to miss out on all the fun?!

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By Fiona Marcelino

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