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Posted by on Oct 29th 2012

How to Keep Your Party Guests Happy

Planning a party is a tricky business. On one hand, you want to make sure that your guests always have something to do. On the other hand, you don’t want to overwhelm people with activity after activity without giving them any room to breathe.

Games help keep your guests entertained

It’ll take some effort—it’s rare that you can just throw together a successful party without any forethought—but with just a little planning you can throw a party that keeps all your guests entertained and involved.

Here are some tips for keeping your party guests happy:

  • Don’t over plan. Though you want to have some structure, you shouldn’t try to plan every second of the party. It’s good to have three or four different activities planned, but parties where the host is constantly driving every partygoer from one activity to another—no matter how much fun they’re already having—will eventually leave your guests exhausted and bored.
  • Give your guests options. It’s going to be hard to find a single activity that will interest everybody. Some will want to play a game, some will want to eat, and some will simply want to talk with other guests. Don’t try to force everyone into a single activity all the time—instead, let them choose what they’d like to do (but do make sure they’re aware of their options.)
  • Make sure to be there for your guests. Don’t spend the whole time preparing food or working behind the scenes—be there to guide activities if things seem to be slowing down, but don’t be overbearing. If someone seems to be bored or lonely, talk to them and introduce them to some of the other guests.
  • Introduce guests to each other. It’s no fun to be at a party where the host is the only person you know. You’ll be busy juggling the various demands of being a host, and so the person may feel adrift and surrounded by strangers. Avoid this awkward and uncomfortable situation by playing a “get to know you” game once all the guests have arrived.

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming—you just need to make sure that you’re prepared. Following these tips will help keep all your guests happy—and if you want to make your party extra special, talk to your party and event planning professionals!

By Tim Crain

Maintain a good balance of food, games, and socializing

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