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Posted by on Dec 4th 2014

Best Themes for Holiday Company Parties

The company holiday party is the quintessential end of the year event for businesses of every size. The problem is, how do you make your company event exciting and new and generally an event that employees want to attend? Holiday party themes are a great way to enliven and engage everyone in the company and are an excellent opportunity to get creative in your annual celebrations. Here are a few unique holiday work party themes to take your festivities to the next level.

Masquerade Ball

This theme is great for formal or semi-formal company parties. The theme basically incorporates decorative masks and everything from the food to the music should be on the classier side. For colors, this theme does well with purple, gold, and silvers with an elegant, sophisticated emphasis. Be sure to tell all guests to come wearing a decorative mask. Keep some on hand for those that come without one. You may want to opt for finger food and appetizers and consider hiring a serving staff to encourage roaming and mingling. For entertainment, consider a quartet or small orchestra and diversify the music selection beyond holiday hits.

White Christmas

For the more traditional approach with an emphasis on the Christmas holiday, a white Christmas theme makes for a great event. The decor for this is simple: white everything. You can add ornate touches to the theme with snowflakes, white ornaments, candles, and ribbon. Silver accents can also make a nice aesthetic to compliment. For food, you can serve anything, though lighter dishes and lighter colored foods look best. The same goes for drinks–anything white or lighter in color will do. For the music, going the traditional route with a singing group or jazz ensemble works well with the theme.

World Holiday

This theme incorporates food, drink, decor, and entertainment from around the globe in keeping with a holiday emphasis. Utilizing decor from different holiday traditions is a nice touch. You can create ‘stations’ for different countries where a variety of local food and drink are served. Planning for individually themed tables is also a great creative touch as you can display a country name and some interesting related facts about the cuisine and culture. Narrow down which countries you want to feature and have food catered for each. For music, consider hiring a live act to play music traditional to one or more of the countries.

Holiday Karaoke

For a music themed party that also handles all of the entertainment needs, a karaoke themed party is a great option. The first item you need is a karaoke machine filled with holiday music. You can make a list for employees to note their favorite songs and a sign up to perform individually or as groups. Competitions are a great way to engage people in the party. Have some live music on hand for before and after the karaoke to keep the party lively. Decor can be anything music and holiday related and food is pretty much an open selection.

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