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Posted by on Oct 22nd 2014

Best Halloween Party Tips

Halloween party

Halloween is one of best party holidays. The enchanting fall weather and the seasonal transition to colder weather make Halloween a great time to celebrate. Halloween parties don’t have to be homogeneous events with typical designs or structures. They can take on any scope you desire with the right type of approach to design and planning. Halloween parties are great theme parties, so selecting a particular theme for the event will help guide you through other aspects of planning. Here are a few helpful points to consider when planning this year’s Halloween party.

Choose a venue and estimate turnout. The first step to any successful party is to select a venue. For a Halloween party this could be your home, a friend’s home, or some outside location you rent for the night. When deciding on the location, you’ll have to simultaneously estimate the party turnout. Obviously, you can’t completely control this, but having a number in mind will help you find the right venue and plan subsequent details. If you’re party is a more formal or exclusive affair, you could do an RSVP system to ensure that you have a relatively exact number for planning purposes.

Theme the party and gather supplies. Once you have your location, you can implement the theme and begin getting together everything you will need to design the venue and structure the party. This can involve a trip to a local party store for decorations and a trip to the store for snacks and other items. Depending on how involved the theme of the party, you’re planning may not involve much more than buying some refreshments and handling ceiling and wall decor before the party. If the party is at a rented location, you will have to spend some time setting up and probably transport your own tables and chairs, as well as entertainment equipment.

Inform guests what they should bring. Like any good party host, you should inform invited guests of what they should bring to the party. If it’s a dinner party, inform people of what type of dish to bring, such as entree or dessert. If it’s an appetizer party, give people a recommendation on what to bring, so you don’t end up with four vegetable platters at the party. If you have activities planned or another specific agenda, let guests know so they can plan accordingly.

Be a consummate host. Playing good host is about more than attending to people or telling everyone where the bathroom is located. You should be aware of what’s going on at the party, food and drink status, noise levels, and other logistical details. Some of these things only really apply to larger parties and depending on your idea of a great Halloween party, may not be of concern, but you should make a point to ensure that the party is safe and fun and liability free.

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